How to Drive Floods of FREE Traffic From Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo and Bing in the Next 30 Days, Even if You Are Technically Challenged, Have Tried it All Before or are Just Plain Skeptical

The Unusual but Simple Guide to Ranking and Staying #1 in Any Market Guaranteed


I’m Samuel Junghenn, Managing Director and Head of SEO at Think Big Online. I want to show you something extraordinary, before I show you the hidden truth about SEO that has been kept from you for years.

Have a look at the frightening picture below.

This image was made from a study at Cornell University in New York, and is the result of testing nearly 400 different search quires by hundreds of students. The results where disturbing…

What it shows is that the number 1 position gets nearly 4.5 times as much traffic as the second position in the search engines.

So if you are ranking anything less than #1 you are missing out… Big time! What makes it worse is, if you are not ranking #1, then someone else is and it’s probably your competitors.

It’s probably the same competitors that do inferior work or sell inferior products. The same cowboys you don’t have respect for, that give your industry a bad name and make it harder for you to sell your products and services.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but right now these same people are literally taking your traffic straight from Google. They are making sales and sucking money out of your bank account with a big straw, while your website can’t be found anywhere.

Maybe you have tried what all the experts say, “Just put out good content and you will rank”, or you may have hired and SEO Company, only to fork out a pretty penny for a bunch of jargon and excuses as to why you are not ranking.

Either way I feel for you, because I was in the same position once upon a time and it took me a long time to figure it out.

In the next 9 minutes you are going to see how you can:

  • Shoot past your competition in the search engines and dominate the front page.
  • What Google is really up to with their updates.
  • Build a solid stream of traffic even while you sleep.
  • Drive loads of traffic to your site for Free every day.
  • Spy on your competition and use all their hard work against them.
  • And make more money online than you ever thought possible.

Even if you are a complete newbie with no technical knowledge!

Now going back to the study above what if you moved your site from say position 5 to 1 for your keywords, that is an increase of 1,100% on your traffic.

  • What would you do with all the extra profit from sales?
  • A holiday?
  • New Car?
  • New clothes for the girlfriend?
  • A new girl friend?

Ha!!! Just kidding!!!

But what I am serious about is showing you this simple step by step method, I use to drive 100′s of thousands of hungry buyers to me and my clients websites every month.

But more about that in a moment, I have something more important to share first…

The problem is, SEO has changed in a big way

No longer can you just make a few crappy articles and point some links back to your site.

Unless you want to get penalised and suffer the same fate as thousands of other websites…

…Or maybe you are frustrated because you have received a love letter from Google and been penalised already. You want to get your baby ranking again, but Google keeps sending those annoying automated replies saying you still violate their guidelines.

I don’t blame you, because I have been in this same situation in the past and sent more than 16 resubmission requests for one website, until I discovered what they actually want. Now recovery is simple and I have included it in this training.



Take a look at the image below. This is a recent screen shot from some of our clients

How do we get figures like that every day?

Over the years we have developed a proven formula that outlasts any Google update, so while everyone is being knocked of the ladder we keep climbing.

A lot of people know me for doing SEO and so every time there is a Google update I get emails, phone calls or messages on Facebook asking me how my rankings are, and the answer is always the same “Fine, they have actually gone up, how’s yours?”…

Why do I answer like that, because that’s what happens.

Anyway back to the formula.

Originally I created this SEO training, to teach my team the exact step by step process I had created for locking in bulletproof rankings.

I did this so that I could remove myself from the business and still drive streams of targeted buying traffic to all my sites, even if I didn’t show up to work.

That coupled with the fact there really wasn’t any other courses out there teaching this stuff got me thinking…

I finally decided to open it up (the updated version) to the public, so that you too can claw back those first page listings from the competition and learn all the little know secrets we use to rank #1 and stay in Google’s good books.

You might be wondering “So why should I listen to you?”

Maybe you shouldn’t, but here’s why others do..

Like most people, when I first started online I struggled to make any money. I was doing everything right, I researched the market, found an offer that converted well, created great sites around it, but still couldn’t make a sale.

Then I realised that I just wasn’t getting enough traffic to make a full time business out of it, so I tested pay per click and found that I was paying Google more than I was making back.

Screw that…

Tried social media and spent heaps of time and effort, but barley made any sales, so I ended up working for less than you would pay for a loaf of bread.

What I noticed at the time was the traffic that was making sales consistently (even when I wasn’t working) was coming from the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

After all the time, effort and money I put into other mediums I found that the Free traffic coming from Google was making me the most money. Go figure…

But This Is Where It Gets Interesting…

Once I realised all I had to do to increase my business to the point where I could do internet marketing full time was do more SEO, I went and did every course, read hundreds of forum posts, listened to audios, watched videos and looked at SEO case studies until I was cross eyed and an red in the face.

Then I started implementing everything to test what worked and what didn’t. OH MY GOD, the traffic was amazing.

So I now knew how to drive thousands of visitors every month for Free and had my first real business online and then…

The Icing On The Cake

One day I met a guy who was making a fortune selling his SEO services to other business (more about him in the course), so I started offering my newfound skills for hire.

Long story short I made it full time and have been doing this for a few years now. I have 2 successful SEO businesses with over 30 staff, where dozens of clients happily pay between $550-$11,000 every month to have SEO done for them, because they get massive results.

But it doesn’t stop there…

What I noticed with all my clients sites is that whenever there was a Google update they would keep their rankings or improve, while there seemed to be a lot of people out there complaining that they “Got Slapped” or “dropped out of Google”.

This started people talking and referring their friends to me a well.

And that’s exactly why you need to know the right way to optimise your site, because you could spend hundreds of hours and dollars on something and have it fall flat on its face with one algorithm update.

But “SEO is Dead!”

You might have heard a few scaremongers blowing the “SEO is dead trumpet”, and it’s just because they want attention.

In actual fact the truth is, it’s actually gotten easier to rank websites, in particular websites in more competitive markets.


In the old days of the Wild West you had to do black hat (dirty tricks) tactics to get to the top, and the people doing this the most were in the most competitive markets.

Now they have all been penalised and the rest have no idea. It’s an open playing field for a few smart marketers that know the key.

If SEO was dead, would we still be getting results like these every week for clients?

You see there are 2 major reasons why SEO is still king and will be for a very long time.

1) When people go to search for something they are actively looking to buy your products or service, as opposed to running ads to interrupt their day.

This means they are more qualified and you don’t have to do the hard sell. All you have to do is show up in the search results with what they are looking for.

2) Unlike any other medium, traffic that comes from search engines keeps flowing even when you are not doing anything.

IF you set it up right in the first place, like I’m going to show you, you can spend time on more important things because you won’t need to think about traffic any more.

So what do I get?

Well for a start you get this gigantic mind map that lays everything out for.


Search Fast Start is made up 10 modules covering all the core things you must do and more

It includes videos, mind maps and links to all the resources you need for grabbing the #1 position.

MODULE 01:Keyword Research

All search engine traffic starts with keyword searches, and this vital module shows how to find the hot buying keywords that your competition is not using.

I also cover something that no one talks about – The psychology of searches and search intent. I know it sounds nerdy but it´s really quite simple and be the difference between making money or not.

MODULE 02:Domain Names

Having the right or more to the point, wrong domain name can have a large impact on how easily you rank, so I cover exactly what you need to be looking for in a powerful domain.

MODULE 03:On Site Optimisation

Google is cracking down hard on sites that are not properly optimised on-site and yes if you miss this step Google could have a handbrake placed on your site and you will never know.

I´ll show you how to release the handbrake and put your foot on the organic traffic accelerator.

MODULE 04:Content Creation

Everyone talks about how content is King, but how do you quickly and easily create amazing content that search engines love?

You are going to discover all my tricks for creating amazing content in record time, even if you don´t think you have anything interesting to talk about.

MODULE 05:New Vs Existing Sites

There are different strategies you need to implement if you have a new site VS an established one.

You are going to see what you need to do to stay in Google´s Good Books from the start.

MODULE 06:Reverse Engineering

Why would you recreate the wheel when you can “borrow” all your competitions hard work and cut your effort in half?

In this module you will discover all the tools and techniques to spy on your competitors and swipe what they are doing, so you can spend time doing thing you love instead.

MODULE 07:Automation

Knowing how to leverage your time so that you barley do anything and still continue to increase rankings is one of the most powerful concepts, because you can now replicate your success over other sites, or go play golf.

MODULE 08:WordPress

WordPress is the most flexible, powerful, SEO friendly platform available to build a website on, and in this module you will discover all the plugins, tips and tricks we use to suck Free traffic to us like a magnet.

MODULE 09:Off Site + Bonus

Do backlinks still work? Yes they do but you have to know 3 core things about them, plus there are 2 other major off-site factors that are affecting search results in a big way.

You get the complete off-site optimization blueprint and videos.

MODULE 10:Social Media For SEO

In case you haven´t heard, Social Media is affecting SEO in a big way but you have to know how to leverage it, so that you are not spending hours writing posts and sending friend requests.

I´ll show you how to slash your time by 90% and how to use Facebook ads to accelerate the process.

After I created the course I realised there were a number of other things that you can use to drive more traffic, get more email subscribers, and make more sales so I created 5 bonus modules that I want to give you as a thank you.

These Bonuses alone are worth their weight in gold (Well about $397 actually) because you can apply the strategies and use the little known tools instantly to attract more visitors, leads and sales, like a moth to a flame.

If you can´t make at least $5,000 from just the bonus modules then I will be really surprised…

Here´s what some people who already got the early bird offer have said:

“I fell flat for the new approach Samuel applied to SEO in the Course.”

“He has just exposed search engine optimization to another level entirely, even a newbie will understand the whole concepts of SEO with his step by step guide in the videos. The 23-video course is just dynamic right from the market research aspect of the course. Nevertheless, the quality of video is superb. It is just another wonderful SEO course I am fortunate to get access to. Thanks Samuel for the time you took to put this course together and make it available to the public.”

— Olusegun Balogun, Creator


“The link building strategies are excellent.”

“A very thorough and in depth series of instructional videos which guide you step by step on how best to approach SEO. Sam has a wealth of knowledge in this area and shares this along with a sense of humor and very practical tips. He provides very useful mind maps of all the processes and stages and leaves nothing unanswered. The videos can be watched over and over and each time something new is picked up. The link building strategies are excellent.”

— Rose Cox

See you don´t even have to be a geek like me!!

Imagine when you are getting 50, 100 or even 1,000 visitors to your website each day and you can´t keep up with the orders… Be a good problem to have right???

Just before putting this sales page up one of my new SEO clients called me up and said that he has to put on new staff because of the amount of traffic and business he is now getting. He has been an SEO client for less than 2 months…

After you do this course you will have enough knowledge to go out and become a professional SEO consultant like myself with more than a dozen clients paying between $750 and $5,500 every month for SEO services.

And if you don´t want to make great money consulting that´s ok too … you can use what you are about to learn in Search Fast Start to push your affiliate sites up the ranks and dominate the competition. These techniques work with any type of site.

But wait…

Before I go any further I just want to let you know you do actually have to do stuff to make this work. It isn´t a push button crap system that will make you millions of dollars while you sleep…

There is NO such thing…

And if there was do you think anyone would sell it??… Seriously!

SEO takes consistent, sustained effort… With `Search Fast Start´ you get genuine, solid guidance with a step by step proven process that will get you ranking faster and higher than ever before. Think about what it will be like when you have the knowledge and skill to out rank even the most competitive websites in no time.

“On the Internet – The people that control the traffic, control the money, it´s really that simple.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I learn as much from an online course as a live event?
It´s been proven that people only retain 10% of knowledge from live events, however once you get access to the course now, you will have access to it forever so if you need to refresh, then you can come back at any time.

Will the course be updated?
If there are any major updates they will be announced in your membership section.

What if I have questions while doing the course?
Under each module there is a place for you to ask me any questions and engage in discussion with other participants, so you will have support if you ever get stuck.

Do I have to be a tech genius?
You need to have a basic understanding of the internet, and everything else you need to know is in the videos and mind maps, so you will be fine.

Do I need to finish it by a certain time?
You can take as long as you like, though I do recommend getting into it so that you can reap the rewards sooner.

If Google changes again will the course still work?
I released an SEO course 2 years ago and before I made this new course I thought I would revisit it.

I was amazed that around 90% of it was still relevant and effective today, even after Google making the 4 of biggest changes it has ever made in the past year.

I have seen cheap SEO courses out there, are they the same?
There are plenty of courses out there that are cheaper. And that´s exactly what they are “cheap”…

Most have been slapped together with the goal of getting out a quick product to sell, and here´s why that´s dangerous for you.

Google has over 253 elements to its algorithm that need to be balanced in order for you to rank. If you are unbalanced then that´s when you get a penalty.

These “cheap” courses with a couple videos cannot possibly tell you everything you need to know to have sustained rankings.

Sure you might improve your rankings a bit, but next Google update… Good bye!

Who this is NOT for:

I want to make this very clear, this is not for people who want to be tapped on the head with my magic wand and become successful over night. That is a different package, and if you are interested send me a message, prices start at $95,000 plus Tax.

This is not for get rich quick types and when you do purchase Search Fast Start if you do get rich quick, feel free to blame me all you want, I won´t hold it against you.

If you can´t commit to doing what it takes and implementing the formula you are about get, then honestly you aren´t ever going to make it and I would prefer if you just didn´t purchase it now, because I don´t want you screwing up my 100% success rate.

I don´t mean to sound harsh, it´s just the truth.

So who is this for?

  • This is for you if you get frustrated that you are trying so hard but not getting serious traffic to your website.
  • This is for you if you want rank #1 on Google above your competition without having to pay loads of money to a SEO Company.
  • This is for you if you want to short cut the time it takes to drive Free traffic to your website.
  • This is for you if you really want to have the freedom and lifestyle to do whatever you want, when you want.
  • This is for you if you get excited at making more than your doctor, sitting in your undies from the comfort of your home.

Maybe you are new to all this black magic voodoo and you just want to know how to rank higher, get more traffic and make more sales without having to pay Google AdWords a fortune for the privilege.

People are paying $1, $2, $5 and up to $12.50 per click for exactly the same traffic (Even though SEO makes more sales) you can drive for Free once you have this Blueprint. Do the math – If you wanted to drive 1,000 visitors per month in a typical market you would pay $2 per click with Adwords.

That´s $2,000 every month that you have to pay to Google plus you still have to manage the account.

This is what people said last time I released an SEO course:

“The information is incredible”
“SEOMumbo is super awesome.”

“Seo Mumbo – Wow! Terrific product. I found it easy to use – super useful, laced with excellent no nonsense information that I could implement in moments. I would strongly recommend SEOMumbo to anyone that doesn’t want to search forums and blog posts on the one billion things you need to know about SEO. SEOMumbo is super awesome.”

— Sophy Mavridis

“SEO Mumbo is complete step-by-step SEO system. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate

Internet marketer, Samuel has left no stone unturned to present the best SEO tips and tricks. The step by step structure allows you to follow each video and implement your learning straight away. I have certainly picked up lots of additional tricks that we will now include in our regular SEO processes, and we will also make SEO Mumbo part of our new team member induction, because knowing about SEO is absolutely essential in the Internet marketing game. SEO Mumbo is comprehensive, yet easy to understand and contains a whole lot of gold nuggets. Highly recommended!”

— Janna Jungclaus, Author of Networking Goldmine

“SEO Mumbo is a product you can’t afford to be without”

“I recently purchased a couple of websites that were in need of some tender loving and SEO. Being new to Internet marketing and with a wide range of SEO options available, I wanted to make sure that the money and time I was investing in SEO was going to provide me with results. SEO Mumbo provided me with great quality content on the SEO process and showed me how best to maximise my time and investment in SEO. SEO Mumbo comes in a series of step by step training modules that are well planned, easy to understand, contain great content and more importantly easy to implement. The modules provided me with clever strategies to assist me plan my SEO campaigns and have provided me with plenty of quick, easy to implement (both on site & off site) tips and tricks which have immediately helped increase traffic. The mind maps are brilliant too. If your serious about increasing traffic to your website, SEO Mumbo is a product you can’t afford to be without”

— Rose De Michele, Sydney Australia

To put this in perspective,

  • My average client pays $2,200 per month for me to do SEO for them.
  • To spend 1 day with me is the same $2,200.
  • Coaching clients Pay $1,100 for 4 hours on skype.

I’m not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you, the tangible value you will have once you master these skills.

I can’t explain to you the feeling of confidence knowing that if everything was taken away today, I could make it all back tomorrow; because of the skills I have and want you to have too.

Why are you still here?


The fact that you are still on this page means that you know you need Search Fast Start and whether you get it now or in a minute doesn’t really matter, what does matter is you
may be a little bit skeptical because we all know there are some rubbish products outthere.

So to make sure you are 100% confident in your purchase, when you buy Search Fast Start now, if you don’t like what you see send me an email and I refund 100% of your money straight away without question.

If you really don’t like the product then I don’t want your money, I would prefer to have 100 amazingly happy people, than 1,000 who thought they brought a crap product.
This is so that genuine people like you can feel good about making the right decision about getting instant access.

Good, so go ahead, hit the order now button to get instant access